That’s the sound of something loud. OK, now this:

1. My face is on And it looks out of place. The three preceding faces belong to prominent hockey writers — all of whom are so accomplished that, in their bios, they have several anecdotes about their careers.

My bio? It was so short that it wouldn’t stretch the length of my headshot.

This feels uncomfortable — but I’ll take it.

Because, thing is, many of us young journalists are frustrated with where we are. We had worked so hard in four years of college to make sure we wouldn’t be dissatisfied. But here we are, dissatisfied. We are the antsy type, always going after what we want, but this stage of our lives requires patience. As we wait, these little prizes help.

I know I didn’t actually do anything yet. But, for the first time, I see that my sacrifices have brought to me this privileged place.

So, yeah, my face is out of place — maybe it doesn’t belong. But it’s an opportunity to make it belong, and that makes me ecstatic.

2. Best thing about working from home: Not shaving. Worst thing about working from home: Realizing that, even when you don’t shave, your facial hair stops growing at 2 mm.

3. Who reads Life Of Alvin from the Netherlands? Someone, apparently.

I recently decided to see where people are actually reading this blog. Turns out that people from almost every state visit the site. Also, a few regulars are in the Netherlands and the U.K., while some of you are from Canada. Most surprisingly, a handful of you are from Latin America. As expected, most of my readers are in New York and Kansas, with clusters of readers in California, Florida and Washington D.C. It’s nice to know these words aren’t lost.

At a recent job interview, I said I’d write in an empty forest — just because I like writing. I lied. Here’s why:

The late basketball coach Jimmy Valvano once said, “If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day. That’s a heck of a day. You do that seven days a week, you’re going to have something special.”

When I write, I think I’m just doing my (small) part for that something special.

4. Some cool people are doing cool things. My friend Jason started a project to help the Haitian people. It involves him playing his guitar in a subway station. Sure, he broke a few New York City laws and he looks funny on YouTube. But go support him.

So what was Jason thinking when he did all this?

“‪I was legitimately concerned that my poor singing voice would get me punched in the face or at the very least spit on by some irate New Yorker. ‬ But I found the reception to be completely opposite. Maybe they just donated because they felt sorry for me.”

Feel sorry for him. Go help.

Also, another friend, Ben, is looking for digital cameras. He’s teaching an after-school photo class to middle school kids in East Harlem and he needs these supplies. E-mail him — — if you got one lying around. Any digital point-and-shoot will do. If you feel like you need payment, just go look at his amazing photos and it’ll be enough compensation — trust me.

5. Phones amaze me. The speed of sound is about 761 mph. If I yelled something from here (New York) to Vietnam, where my parents live, the sounds would take about 11.5 hours to reach them. But using the phone, I can talk to them instantly. The delay is about 0.00002 seconds.

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