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Willy Wonka has an especially creepy moment when he asks Charlie what happens to the boy who got everything he ever wanted.

“He lived happily ever after,” Wonka says.

The lack specificity is disturbing, especially since they’re flying in a glass elevator after a traumatic tour through what is essentially a sweatshop. It hints that there is such thing as utopia and that a chocolate factory is not it — or, at least, that just owning the factory leaves something to be desired.

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A map of New York

I am ready to admit that New York might not be inherently special. It’s tempting to want to assign an ineffable quality to a place. It makes for good prose. It allows the ineffable to be unsaid, an effort to be spared.

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The open air

I leave the Halloween party early. I close the door behind me and it is silent. There are new babies on the first floor of this building, I was told. It is supposed to be quiet in the vestibule of this building. Babies expect their parents to protect them from the world, and it’s common courtesy for the rest of us to make that possible.

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Pennies and detergent

Sometimes we spend our lives mindlessly filling up the gas tank, winding our watches and spinning the laundry, and barely thinking about the process. We just want to survive. But then we look inside the vestibule of spinning clothes, and we see a little penny, riding around the metal surface and eroding away at the fabric.

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Day 30: The Overview effect

This is the final day of my month-long project of writing a post every day. Of course, I haven’t written every day. I’ve missed weekends and weekdays, for no other reason than that I didn’t want to write that particular day.

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