Leaving artifacts

I often tell people a website is like a room, and you have to think about the people in it. But if that’s the case, my blog is an empty room with old relics that provide very bad advice to the occasional person who stumbles upon it.

I always knew I wrote here when I didn’t have a place to output whatever expressive energy I had. But when I look back at my own archives, it survives as more of a timeline of my existence. I’m a little scared there are people who find my blog and spend a long time reading through my past, and assuming that the words here paint a picture of what they missed. I’m scared because they wouldn’t be wrong, although I decided long ago that I would be OK with that.

Because it’s been exactly a month since I last wrote something, I figured I needed to leave a mark in this room to show that I’ve been here — that I’m still here. I’m leaving this as an artifact — even though the content reveals nothing — because it’s not so much about hearing the next cadence as it is about hearing the next heartbeat.

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