The day after

I presented my thesis this week, which means my graduate school career is over. Which also means I’m likely done with school forever.

Humans don’t easily comprehend the idea of something being over — mostly because we don’t easily comprehend the idea of permanence.

So I don’t know how to deal with my current situation. My school, ITP, has been a home to me for the past two years. I’ve left homes many times in my life; once you leave, it turns into a house you can’t go inside — a house that used to be yours, but isn’t anymore.

I’ve recently become interested in watches, especially mechanical ones, because I’m amazed by the engineering it takes to make small pieces of metal oscillate at a consistent rate. If you consider each oscillation the same thing — which, characteristically, they are — then this isn’t so mind-blowing. But if you consider each swing of the balance wheel different — which it is, because each tick can only happen once in the universe — then this is a deeply philosophical and technological marvel.

So on the bright side, when I’m reminded of permanence it’s a reminder that the universe is marvelous because things end. But when something stops oscillating, it’s always terribly sad.

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